Sales Representative

Sales Representative

sales representativePeople don’t love sales professionals because people hate being ripped off. It is part of human nature. Nobody likes to make the wrong decision.

This hurts the honest, hardworking sales professional, because many sales representatives don’t think into the future. Instead, they think about their commission check this month. This train of thought and the resulting actions are the biggest barriers between the sales representative and true success.

It has come to the point where, as the owner of a company, I have minimal expectations from my vendors and only speak up when customer service hits a certain low. Therefore, when I find a sales representative from a vendor that works hard and knows what they are doing, I cling on for dear life.

Starting today, as a sales professional, get in the mind frame that “average” is not good enough. In today’s society, average seems to pay somehow, but I can guarantee you that it’s not going to get you rich. As a sales professional, you can exploit others’ mistakes to an extent far more than you thought possible. Here are some ways to do so:

Start thinking more positively

After spending 15 years in sales I can appreciate the fact that sales can be tough. As soon as you send an email from your inbox with the word “Sales” in the signature, you are a step behind.

Unfortunately for many, but fortunately for you, this underdog mentality has plagued the culture of many sales teams in many companies.

People favour extroverted, outgoing people. If a sales person fakes this excitement and has a thought process that lends itself to the quick sale, the customer will know.

To rise above the pack, you must cease to let the negativity in your office control your way of thinking. Begin to shy away from the group that speaks badly about clients or the group that openly shares disdain for their job. This is the first step to creating your own culture of positivity.

Get into the habit of learning and start thinking about sales in terms of business

Many sales representatives live in a vacuum meaning that they are around people who consider themselves sales representatives instead of business professionals.

To rise above this, you must learn to think like your customer. Many sales representatives sell to C-level executives, but the lack of ability to put themselves in the clients’ shoes renders them all but replaceable. Getting a MBA is not going to do, caring for the client is a much cheaper start.

To take advantage of the “status quo,” by starting to read business books. See the world the way a target customer does. Once you do, it will improve your numbers dramatically.

Start doing research on your clients and be more client oriented

Although 400 people look at our company’s website per day, vendors come all the time unprepared to sell us something. It has come to the point where I would be amazed if they did some back research.

Right now, our company is looking to hire an outside vendor that is going to cost a lot of money and, seemingly few sales representatives have come without doing research on my company. I don’t have the time to explain what is already on the web.

As a sales representative, it is imperative that you become engaged with your client. It is a must that you do research on them and that you do your best to see things from a business prospective. Success as a sales professional is contingent upon how you can help your clients and how much you care about their success.

Start implementing these techniques and watch your sales numbers increase as well as watch your career begin to further.

Sales is based on:

  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Communication
  • Delivery of useful information to customers
  • Clear understanding of customer needs and issues
  • Problem solving for customers
  • A very strong product knowledge base